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I logged in into the Fantasy Premier League with my Facebook account but my account with Facebook have been disabled and I’ve been logged out from the FPL, so is there a way I can get back into my account without having to create a new account with FPL?

Quite good

Very good app everything is great, I just don’t like the scoring of fantasy football, it’s too low, otherwise it’s great!

Latest update keeps crashing

App not working

PL 🖤⚽️

Premier league is the best 👍🏻💪🏻🤘🏻🖤⚽️

Can’t update the Live Blog

Great app, but I can’t seem to get updates from the Live Blog. Please fix this problem asap.

PL App

This was a great experience and it really kept me up to date on all the games. I also love the fantasy part.




Why not language Arabia?

One key feature needed - points projection

Enjoy the app a great deal. Need to add a projection of points for side prior to Match week commencement. Maybe too unpredictable or technically challenging or both

True fun

Amazing concept and very engaging. The app extremely good, easy to use.


I love it. It’s a perfect app for fantasy football. There is a lot of info

Too much clutter

It’s really cluttered.

Fix your point system

Hey this is a really cool app but some people have the same players as me but get higher points and no they are not captain. I know how this works.

Cumbersome App

New to EPL as a fan and App is useless because it forces you to pick a favorite team. This makes no sense at all when you don’t know the teams.

The best

Love it

Best game the updates are on point

This game is insane

Premier App

Easy to use - helps my addiction to all things related to EPL

Twitter integration

Good app, but here’s a bug that needs to be fixed: During a live game, the game page has the relevant Twitter hashtag and tweet button on the top right of the screen. Pressing it to tweet triggers a prompt to sign into your twitter account in iOS settings. But that option was removed in iOS a year ago. It’s poor that this hasn’t been fixed a year later.


This app is marvelous! Events and scoreline are updated every time, we can get instant message and news of the premier league. The fantasy game is so addictive keep it up team LOVED IT ❤️❤️❤️

Make it more like the fifa world cup fantasy app

The app is too confusing I cant even figure out which button tells me if I am in the lead or not poorly designed interactive app.

Epl fantasy App

A fun enjoyable service that could update quicker and have an easier interface. Besides that it’s fun but the scores are ridiculously bad at updating!

Thanks for the app

App have plenty of room to improve appearance and maneuverability


Good app but the fantasy page should be in the app instead of in a separate link




PL fantasy draft needs a lot of work....

Slow processing

The application updates very slowly


This app is so clunky I can’t believe the reviews are as good as they are. It is not intuitive at all, it takes forever to update (fantasy) if at all and the UI is just not good. I’m a little shocked at the quality given how many people love soccer and are using this app. The base page is fine but the fantasy side is just not good ☹️☹️☹️.


Thank you for the addictive app I really enjoy it.



Good luck

Good luck I hope to visit England and watch one of the Premier League matches



Great for Fantasy League and to just keep up with the scores,stats and standings

I love it


Just amazing,,

Love it!!!

Good for fantasy, good for news, good for anything you need! I love the fantasy and how interactive it is! Whether you are good or not it is still really fun! Also you get all the scores all the news statistics and all the stuff you need! Download this app!!


I think that the app need to put the highlights


to hard to register for fucksake


Have a feel of real time player management and weekly head to head challenges like no other in FPL


Just do it.

App Review

This app makes it so easy to keep up with what’s going on in the EPL. And as an EPL addict, I’m very happy about this.


It’s not clear to me how can i subtitute a player from one day to another

App crash

The app sometimes crashes.

Awesome game

Love the game - love the app


Very good app



App still hangs

App still has a few glitches


The game is amazing I think you guys should add one chip Called redeem


What a great app I like The epl app gives every information that we need it and it is updated Really appreciate that Thank you

New & improved

The app looks great; things are quite easy to find. I’m quite impressed with how well the app looks. Keep up the good work...


I can’t find a group chat section to cuss out my friends.

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