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Slowest app out there

This app is so slow and lags out every time it tries to load. It is a good app but way to slow and laggy that it just ruins the whole app for me.


The scores are usually very behind the live games and currently the app crashes when you try to update the scores even 24 hours after the match. Of all the fantasy sport apps I’ve used this one is the worst and I wish there was an alternative.

Crashes frequently, transfers and substitutions fails to go trough

Crashes frequently and I often have trouble getting my transfers to go through. It gets out of sync and often takes several refreshes for the app to display my current roster, often showing last weeks roster instead.


This app crashes regularly. Very unstable.

Very fun, but app is awful

Never updates info, even days after fixtures. Slow, unoptimized UI. Poor UX.

Slow slow aplication

Very bad and Very Very slow aplocation


App works great when it works but too frequent crashes are simply annoying.




It’s is pretty good but I can’t do the fantasy thing every time they say unexpected error and then do it again and again so let me get this straight I have deleted it and then redownloaded it and nothing happen please fix it im a fan of soccer⚽️ please fix it and give a better update thanks


Every single day I open the app and it crashes, i update the latest version and still freezing and crash

User friendly, organized, crisp

Has all the important info, user friendly, very aesthetic set up. Only downfall is that I wish you could watch highlights of the games on here. I have to use the ESPN app for that. I’d delete the espn app if this one had that feature. Oh well, all in all this is great stuff.

Great app

Very help full with all the games that I can’t watch very easy to use and fun would recommend this to big pl fans


No real highlights is a disappointment !

App shuts down

App is slow and frequently shuts down. It is very difficult to open fpl. It several second to load the app

League of the Century

The most informative and current stats of the games we love. PL for life..

Not straightforward.

I want to be able to see the standings (league table) at a quick glance. Add gigs and 5 stars.

Addson Omari

Very informative especially with minute by minute game update...

Great substance, poor execution

Freezes up for 5-10 seconds at a time, pretty much every time I use it. I like pretty much everything the app does, but it just doesn’t run very well and this hasn’t changed in all the time I’ve had it, which has been around a couple of years now.

Great, could be better

The content is great, however the app doesn’t feel like a native one. Interactions with the screens like swipes don’t always work. If the app can be more adjusted to the platform it will be top notch.


To many bugs and glitches

Points and subs

Shot on goal should be points and there should be 3 allowed subs per week


Great app. Very handy and useful in following your favorite team

Very sluggish responding from the App

Your app is too sluggish and the points update or score update is too slow!! And many times it freezes and stop working iPhone 6s, iOS 11.2.6

Crashes repeatedly

I am using the app on an iPhone 6s. My app and my phone have the most recent updates but the app takes an inordinate amount of time to update after being opened and it crashes repeatedly during the update and closes out. If I could actually use it on a consistent basis it would rate 5 stars.

I’ve design, horrible performance

The interface is nice but trying to get any updates to points or matches takes 3 tries and upwards of 15 min. It regularly errors during transfers and squad updates. I have resorted to using the web interface on a laptop to make any changes or see latest info.

Love the app, but broken

I love it's interface, especially fantasy premier league; however, it crashes way too much. Every time I open it, I expect it to crash at some point. Until fixed, unusable.

Premuir league app

Amazing app! Great competing with your friends online in fantasy, and hearing the ding on your phone when you here salah score another goal. New stats off great players and updates on transfers. Recommend it so you can keep up with period league and know everything about your team. Go Crystal Palace! Get better Zaha. Best, Ez

Good App but freezes way too often

Great game to play with friends. But it takes three minutes to do a task that requires only 20 seconds at times. The transfer market sometimes doesn’t show any players available to be traded and the app has problems updating the scores of games around the country. The app also freezes a lot and requires me to constantly close and reopen it. It takes hours for the point system to tally points and sometimes it gives the wrong amount of points. Overall good game but it needs a lot of technical work.

iPhone X problem

This app used to be great , however on iPhone X it’s not usable , crashed almost immediately after opening it

Constant crashing

The App is great when it works, however it constantly crashes and takes minutes to reload and update current scores and info, especially on the fantasy side. Once these bugs are fixed it’ll be a 5 Star app.

Fantasy Premier League App!

This is Fantastic App.I love it!

Must have for PL lovers

Great app!

Plz fix the aap

The aap keeps get crashing. Feels frustrating 😡

Worst application

Before adding new features , fix the delay in results update and other bugs.

The best!

Best premier league app out there!


Way too many glitches. The game takes forever to load and will often close on you. Just use the website because this app is very poor.

Slow service

Other fantasy apps have a much better service in terms of real time stats. sometimes the app is so slow it takes hours for it to update.

Performance is abysmal

You have to manually refresh and watch a spinning loader for ages before any useful content loads. Not acceptable for a modern app.

New update is not as expected

After I have updated the app it doesn’t work like before it’s disappeared by itself from the screen and I have to open it again points update also not same like before

Great, but slow

Wonderful layout but switching between the sections, ie results and fantasy, is slow. It seems to cache some data in the fantasy section and will display this instead of live data at times.

Amazing App

This app keeps me up to date with all Premier League soccer. It’s a great app and I would get it if I was you!

Great app, crash problems lately.

Love the app, good news features, stat tracking, etc. but it crashes constantly these days and is very slow loading.

Ball is life 🤷🏽‍♂️




Amazing Draft

It is a great app love the draft and never glitches highly recommend by me

Bug, bug and bug

Your app has so many bugs and crashes on iphone 6 with iOS 11 I don’t know how to explain this app has many lags and bugs

Great app 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

I can always see the latest primer league games and scores it keeps me up with everything in the league

No subs

I can't sub players on and off the bench on iPhone se and I'm losing the league because of it in fantasy.

Great for news, slow for fantasy

Takes forever to load team, glitches a lot when making transfers in Fantasy

Great app for a great league

I bet you will have much fun with this app.

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