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Tre berk ca

Live in Berkeley,California,USA Love all the info on every team! My favorite team ,Go Cherries !!!

Nice app

Nice app

One of the worst apps around

One of the worst - glitchy and hard to use. Awful experience

Amazing online fantasy football

Loving dis game

Great app

Enough said :-)

Really nice

Overall its a very nice app but the match notifications comes very late and sometimes dont come at all.

Nice app really keeps you updated 💯💯


Fantastic app

Fantastic app Very enjoyable to use Addictive and informative

Great app

I love this app. Great set up, everything I need, even fantasy is really easy.


Great to see all the news about transfers and scores and all that. GO LIVERPOOL!!!!


App is Perfect just Wish it had live real time updates on the table .


Fantastic app. The best version of the app so far.


Excellent app clear information and easy to use


Good to keep up with all the soccer happening and my fantasy team. I just wish there were highlight videos like ESPN do or used to do so you could catch a little of the action and highlights all in one app. Hate having to go elsewhere to find highlights


Totally love the app. User friendly and the FPL keeps me happy


Very excitement game

Full of bugs

The app does not work effectively on my iPhone 6s. It does not allow me to make transfers or even pick my team. I have to use the browser to make all those changes. I basically use the app for checking my points. Fix bugs!!!

Best Fantasy sport app in the world

This app is everything all the updates injury updates is great is perfect


You guys are so appreciated You made the whole world watch the pl

Absolute garbage

I’ve had to delete and redownload the app on multiple occasions, because of data getting lost/freezing/not load/etc. I would definitely download an alternative solution to premier league fantasy football if it were available.


Best soccer app I’ve seen in a while

Fixtures messed up after latest update

The fixtures are not showing up with the correct dates in the “Fixtures & Results” tab. It is only showing the start date of the gameweek with all matches displayed in one day.

Well done

App works well, is easy to use, and has no issues that I’ve experienced. Even semi-personal as you can choose the team you follow and it highlights that team’s news. Well done with this app

Best app ever

Best app that I have, every morning and night I check the table and when Manchester City is going to play next!


Just great

Epl app

The scores take a while too load on the matches screen. You have to look at each person individually to see what there score is live.

Great way to be a part of the game

Fantasy EPL is a great way to be involved in the whole league, nut just your favorite side. It’s super easy to pick your team and to manage your weekly matches. Make sure to take advantage of the scouting reports, as they can help a great deal in making transfers and in picking you team for each match.


It’s been a great app with great Fantasy league experience, plus when I am writing this review my captain just scored a goal 😂😂😂. A gamble well paid off. Thank you 😊

Great app, but...

I’d give it five stars if I didn’t have to occasionally remove and manually reinstall the app to make changes to my fantasy team.


How does this app have 5 stars? The fantasy NEVER works. Ever. Nothing updates. No real time scores. I've been looking at week 8 scores for almost 3 weeks now. Only way I can make changes to my team are on my computer



Ineffective and buggy

I’ve had to do use my triple captain and bench boost, as well as make all of my transfers through the browser on the website because the app does not allow me to confirm, and errors when trying to transfer. Three other people in my fantasy league have had to do the same thing. I also have to log out of mobile app and re login just to get changed made in browser to actually get pushed to the app. Stupid. The app is basically useful for keeping tabs on points for convenience and that’s it.

Horrible app

Why do you insist on us locking in our team Friday? Why not switch out the day of? Lock in teams on Saturday and Sunday. better injury updates. I hate having to login every time I want to view my fantasy team, and having use safari to view it.

Great !

This app is great. It keeps u up with all the scores and u can see the table! Also the fact that u can make a team of ur is pretty cool

Great app

Love this app! Everything I need to know about the league and teams is right there in the app. No more searching the web to find information about games and teams after I downloaded this app, it’s great.


Too slow updating info

Real deal!

I’ve played Fantasy Football from the EPL for many years, but this season has showed the most change, and realness to the game! The competition is so tough, and picks are very hard to have a all winning team. Kudos for the FPL this season! Pearce

Thank you!!

Nice graphics and easy to navigate with lots of good information on each match


Very good app


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Awesome App

Just love using the app, gives me absolute power of my Fantasy Team on my finger tips and I am able to follow the game away from the TV screen. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Time for an overhaul here. You have the participation from fans so up your game to the world class form of the league.


Great App helps you stay updated with the Premier League! Love the Fantasy league

Not updating my team

When I click Pick Team in The Fantasy tab it keeps showing me my old team from weeks ago. I have to then go on my laptop and change my team. Defeats the purpose of the app :(



App not updating since week 2.

My app is not updating my league standings or my team since week 2. Must use computer to see current standings or make changes. Frustrating.


An exceptionally brilliant app! Flawless

My Thoughts

Good stuff, broh! You're gonna like this one, broh!


Don’t change anything! I love the design and functionality of this app.

Great app

Great app for following your favorite team. Tells you exactly when they are going to play and everything you need to know. Overall great app.

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