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Have a feel of real time player management and weekly head to head challenges like no other in FPL


Just do it.

App Review

This app makes it so easy to keep up with what’s going on in the EPL. And as an EPL addict, I’m very happy about this.


It’s not clear to me how can i subtitute a player from one day to another

App crash

The app sometimes crashes.

Awesome game

Love the game - love the app


Very good app



App still hangs

App still has a few glitches


The game is amazing I think you guys should add one chip Called redeem


What a great app I like The epl app gives every information that we need it and it is updated Really appreciate that Thank you

New & improved

The app looks great; things are quite easy to find. I’m quite impressed with how well the app looks. Keep up the good work...


I can’t find a group chat section to cuss out my friends.


Great App 👍🏼

The app

It’s just the best

Good App!

Easy to check the score and the matches


It’s keeps you keenly focused on specific players and makes watching games even more intriguing!

Not able to see my fpl team name in private leagues joined

I do not see my team name in private league that I join instead it just shows a blank at the name section

Worst Fantasy League App / Good for news

The fantasy league is horrible. The draft is good but after that your left with nothing to do but just look at your team and hope your winning. You can’t look at other players rosters. When your playing against someone you can’t see who’s winning because there is no live view of what is happening. Togga was an awful app but at least you could see live stats on your team and the other players. This is just GARBAGE!!! Only good thing about it, is that you get all premier league news.

Best EPL App

Hands down the best EPL app. Thanks

Premier League App

Amazing app to tell u live scores of your favorite team or teams at anytime!!

Doesn’t workkkk

Doesn’t work for me, can’t download the app. I had the app last year and it worked perfectly a very useful app both to get updates and for the fantasy draft. But for some reason it doesn’t work anymore :(


I have updated the app to the latest update but still I can’t open the PL App. Anytime I open the app I get a notification telling me to update the app but there isn’t any latest update at the AppStore

Great App

Brilliant way for me to enjoy my footy and keep up on all the action as Spurs look on to win the league. COYS!!!

Not great for Fantasy

I’ve really been wanting to do fantasy premier league and this app is pretty buggy/poorly designed for that. I’m still using it but would love to see major improvements made to the fantasy aspect of the app.

Nice but

Nice but I’m confused about the controlls


This app is a great app but I will appreciate if you guys can create a chat box. So fantasy managers in a league can communicate amongst themselves and enjoy the experience.

What’s the point of the app?

Why download the app when you it kicks you to the internet when you want to look/update your fantasy team.



M m Ebeeeeeew was mood wWw

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iPhone X and app

App looks great native to the iPhone X

Terrible app

Doesn’t sync with the site. Searching for players complicated.

Love it

Very good app!

The league of champions

Is the best site best league of any soccer word love in information give me update on my team the red Devils

Imperfect, but beautiful

In a world of absolutely bell-end looking footy apps, the champions at Barclays, the ultimate league, the PREMIERE LEAGUE app, stands above as an unsullied, well-designed absolute unit of an app. God how I wish the Football world would take note.

Goal review points

They need to reward the points for reviewed goals. Harry Kane was awarded a goal after review, however the points were never readjusted for that week.

Worst this year


More scoring options

Somewhat rudimentary scoring system that could be expanded upon to make more competitive fantasy game overall

More Excitement

Now watch and follow the game with more Excitement since now all the games are important for me.


Very nice app

5 star

This is excellent


I really enjoy my Premier League APP and have it coincide with the weekly broadcasts on NBCSN networks. I will not miss awaking early (PST) to view the televised matches in a few weeks, but will have a replacement for the loss with the World Cup. I believe it’s a good trade off.




It was easy to but overtime the loading time is slow

Good app. Lots of glitches

There are so many glitches when switching between views. Score updates take forever. The app often crashes when trying to open new pages.


It’s better than espn but it won’t allow me to do fantasy plz fix it thx that’s all


Sooo coool


All Egyptians loves PL, We love you so much, take care of Salah💕

5 Star App

Really a great App

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