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Thanks for making my team disappear


Why did you take away the feature to see a players stats over the course of his career at once?!


It gives error when i try to use the transfer privilege


Great for FPL

Absolutely world-class

Great app love it

Can't see your opponent's score... trash

Can't see your opponent's score

Great app

It's very useful and I like it


Amazing quality and all the news you need. Provides me with more information than I had expected


Great premier league app. Love the fantasy football side of it. Super fun. Great info on the premier league. But just the prem. Nothing more.

شو يستفيد من للعبه؟؟



Top notch!!!

Worst Fantasy App Ever

I have truly never experienced a worse fantasy app. It never updates properly, the score is consistently wrong, players are extremely difficult to transfer, the list goes on and on. This does not even come remotely close to the quality of a yahoo or Espn fantasy app. Would not recommend to a friend or colleague 0/10.


Love this app!


Love this app! It has so many great features and is a must need if you're a premier league fanatic

Best app


Too Many bugs

I cannot transfer a player or change my roster


This is so awesome

Yikes this is buggy

Poor UI, frequently crashes, team updates don't always save.


It has great visuals, convenient menus and a quite fun fantasy section, however it could do with the draft option being on the app itself rather than having to opening a new web page.


I like the app

waste of time

always freezes when i got to change my squad. what the point


You've got to think like a U.K. member but app is informative. Just wish I could join more than 2 active leagues.

No relevant video

There is no way to watch highlights of games in this app, which is unfortunate, and a key component of pretty much every other sports league app on the planet.




Great app use it for fantasy

Fantasy Draft is behind the Times

Fantasy draft is terribly inconvenient to manage. Too many different pages. Scoring and roster can be on the same page. Suggestion for the creators, take a look at American football fantasy apps. Maybe an app just for fantasy?

Needs lots of updates

Fantasy is terrible, it messes up my score every time and I cant even select my team or make any transfers because a blank screen appears when I open those pages

Worst sports/fantasy app I have ever used

Good luck trying to get updates on anything with your team. Currently this week I can't even see the other team I am playing against. My score is almost always wrong. I need to go into each individual player and add it manually to double check. Trash app. Yahoo fantasy app was better in 2008.

The best app


Lost another fan-USA will "PASS" on scam

I am so completely Disappointed with the extortion play slammed on the American Fan base. Premier League Pass & NBCSN Gold attempts to squeeze cash from us so we get a lessor service & access to games than we have had in the past through our regular cable, satellite, and/or internet tv service provider! What a cruel rip-off scam... SHAME ON YOU PL!!! Your greed may cost you more than you ever thought. This previously devoted fan will pass on your extortion game & choose UEFA, MLS and other venues rather than give you attention. I have already deleted NBCSN apps and will delete the Premier League app after this post because I hate scammers! Goodbye PL...

Not bad.

Needs a team link!



Great app

Very good

Horrible Fantasy issue

Way behind espn and other apps. Crashes on me constantly. Also it's pointless to have the app if you can't use it with fantasy draft. Has lots of bugs and issues. Worst fantasy experience i have ever had.

Recent update on 8/24. Bug on transfer and pick team

Can't pick team or make transfers on v1.1.9. The rest of the app is great though. Thanks.

Good, but needs improvement.

It's a good app which covers everything you need in PL or in FPL but to be honest I'd rather use the online website rather than the FPL on the app as some features aren't available.

No fpl

Does not work with apple products

Locks up on any fantasy team link on iPad Pro 12.9"

Can't access any team pages. Freezes the whole app. Some portions of the site are accessible, just not the fantasy team pages which are the whole reason for the app. Tried deleting any re-installing. No solution.

Lineup timing

Silly that you have to set complete line up before first match of weekend. Also seems to crash once games start. Tough to get quick scoring updates. Way behind NFL fantasy sites in terms of service.

Transfers need fix

Can't transfer for week 3 - an "error"notification appears. Please fix this. Also, cannot make subs for week 3 - confirm button doesn't go through. Fix!

About the Pl App

I think its a great app an amazing experience with friends and family and enjoy watching football games more but the downside of it is

Good but needs work

Trying to do a free transfer before week 3 and it keeps saying error please fix

Bad servers, slow updating, impossible to make transfers

Not a good app at all, barely functional especially during the weekend

Great App

This is great. It gives you the ability to see live standings, play fantasy EPL, and has all the latest news.


it is very great

Worst fantasy app ever

Takes forever to load points. League points don't update instantly. Just overall, worst I've ever used. Sorry.

Great app

Does everything you could need it to do and is vey intuitive.

Premier League is the best league!!!

This app is amazing

Great App!

Love it!

Not user friendly

I just got this app this week, all of my friends have said the same thing. Not user friendly. Very difficult to navigate. Great idea just not ready for public

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